It’s Time to Reimagine the Food System.

Food for Health is a sustainable food policy consultancy dedicated to solving America’s most urgent food and health issues.

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I’m Laurie Curry Copithorne.

Together, we’ll transform food and health in the U.S.

In my career as an executive strategy consultant, food industry lobbyist and registered dietitian, I’ve engaged with multiple – and sometimes polar opposite – stakeholder perspectives to build consensus and chart a sustainable course forward.

I’ve developed sound public policy initiatives in the Canadian, North American and global agri-food regulatory sector, led negotiations for
food and consumer products manufacturers, advocated for consumer education and achieved strategic planning consensus within challenging environments and multinational organizations.


For over a decade, I served as the national spokesperson for the food and consumer packaged goods industry. My thousands of speaking and media engagements covered broad and complex topics ranging from nutrition and health, to regulatory reform, sustainability, food safety and harmonization. 


I founded Food for Health to unite stakeholders from the food, agriculture, government, academic and health sectors under a shared vision and voice.

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NOW is the time to reimagine food policy in the U.S. and address our most urgent food and health issues.

I have a four-point strategy to get us there.

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“The way we’ve always done it” doesn’t work anymore.

With a global pandemic upending our agri-food and health systems and a new administration at the helm, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw out the old playbooks, re-structure the way we approach food in the U.S. and re-shape the future of health and prosperity in America. I work with leaders from all sectors to re-think the ways we produce, package, market, and regulate food from the ground up.

Government Leaders

I work with Government Leaders to:
  • Bring the highest leadership on board to lead the national and global discussions around food security and health.
  • Develop national strategies to address food, nutrition, health and sustainability.
  • Encourage all farm-to-fork stakeholders to unite with one voice, be solution-oriented and ready for action.
  • Better understand the public health implications of pandemic-related food insecurity.
  • Put food security back in the hands of Americans with creative seed, growing and culinary programs supported with resources and education at the community level.

I work with Food Industry Leaders to:

  • Create strategies for providing bold and urgent purpose-driven leadership.
  • Build on the pandemic’s supply chain corrections/momentum to address food insecurity.
  • Regain consumer trust and confidence in America’s food supply.
  • Forge better relations with the government and USDA’s (United States Department of Agriculture’s) school lunch programs.
  • Embrace local and community-based solutions to produce healthier, more sustainable, more authentic and transparent food and food systems.

Food Industry Leaders

Health Professional Leaders

I work with Health Professionals to:
  • Refocus resources at national and local levels to create a movement around healthier food practices as a solution to hunger, malnutrition and chronic disease.
  • Partner with other allied health professionals to share limited resources and speak with one voice in every community in America.
  • Build credibility and awareness on the implications food insecurity has on children’s physical and mental health, academic achievement and future economic prosperity.
  • Leverage Americans’ new focus on home cooking, partnering with chefs and culinary experts to build nutrition knowledge and skills.
  • Educate Americans to incorporate healthy eating on a budget into meal planning.
I work with the Academic Community to:
  • Provide a neutral space for all stakeholders to convene and identify research and interventional priorities needed to curb child hunger and chronic diseases.
  • Make science accessible, understandable and actionable to consumers, industry, health professionals and policy makers.
  • Advocate for more inclusive, robust, unbiased, diverse, ethical and breakthrough science that is credible and trustworthy.
  • Establish more academic centers of excellence in the fields of food, nutrition, health and sustainability.
  • Innovate ways businesses, government and communities can engage through existing programs, like USDA school nutrition services program and WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Nutrition Program.

Academic Leaders


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As a fellow Board Director of the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research, I can speak to Laurie's dedication to the profession and the importance of science-based decision making in food and nutrition policies.  Under her leadership as Board Chair, she led the foundation through three major transitions - implementing a new 3-year strategic plan, recruitment and on-boarding of a new Executive Director and complete overhaul of its policy governance model.

Alison McLean
Business Executive Officer, Nestle Infant Nutrition
Laurie provides invaluable strategic insights on the North American food and health policy scene.  Through her years of experience she instinctively knows how to make sense of food, nutrition and health trends and issues.  She is uniquely positioned to help organizations understand what to do next.
Julie Meyer
Founder + Co-CEO, Eat Well Global, Inc
Laurie and I often found ourselves working on bilateral North American food technology and food safety issues facing the global food manufacturing industry.  She successfully led Canada's national agri-food supply chain in forging consensus from farm to fork on some of the most contentious issues facing the sector.  Laurie works quickly to establish trust and help stakeholders focus on breakthrough solutions.
Karil Kochenderfer
Principal, Linkages

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