I’m Laurie Curry Copithorne.

consultant | author | speaker

Food for Health is my specialized food policy consultancy.

As a global food and nutrition expert, I bring stakeholders and leaders from the food, agriculture, academic, government and health sectors together to disrupt old norms, reach new consensus, and create working strategies to solve some of America’s most pressing health problems.


In my new groundbreaking book, How Big Food Will End Hunger and Can Save the Planet, I call for a transformation in the food industry.  The food system needs to shift  from one tethered to profits to one which provides equitable, affordable, sustainable, and healthy food for all.


Laurie has been a demonstrated leader in several highly complex, nutritional challenges in the past twenty years. She has been a leader in harmonization, regulatory definitions, fortification, health claims and the list goes on. She was ultimately the best qualified, the most respected by the stakeholders [...] Her ability to recognize change, to work towards innovative strategies in the face of many challenges, is truly a special talent, harnessed with the drive to bring people together for the common good in the enhancement of quality of life.

Susanne Chir-Stimpson
Founder and President, Strategic Solutions

Laurie’s attention to detail and practical approach to analyzing growth opportunities was instrumental in guiding us into new markets. She developed an action plan including tools and timelines that provided clear direction. We have implemented her recommendations and have already seen positive results.

Jan Dines
Business Development Officer, KEDCO

The YMCA of Kingston worked with Laurie to facilitate our Strategic Planning Process.  Laurie did an excellent job in identifying our needs; helping us determine the best process; preparing and synthesizing the pre-session questions; facilitating our one day Strategic Planning session, including keeping everyone on time and on topic; and providing the output of the session.  I have participated in many of these sessions over the years and can say with confidence that Laurie’s guidance enabled this to be the most productive and enjoyable session I have ever attended.  I would highly recommend Laurie to other organizations.

Dara Shaw Brachman
B.Comm (SPAD), RHU, RPA, GBA, President, Board of Directors, YMCA of Kingston

Midway through our Strategic Planning cycle, we wanted to take a new direction in our business attraction taking advantage of emerging markets. Laurie completed a strategic analysis of our current situation identifying the steps required to reposition Kingston while building on our strengths. With her knowledge of the food processing industry and her assimilation skills, she was able to provide a comprehensive plan for going forward.

Jeff Garrah

The Food for Health Approach

With more than three decades of experience as a health professional, executive strategist and food industry lobbyist, I am uniquely positioned to bring corporations, government agencies and health institutions together to improve America’s health.


  • Big-Picture Solutions.

    I uncover growth opportunities that are good for both business and health: embracing technology, exploring new collaborations, promoting entrepreneurial thinking and investing in start-up innovations.


  • Building Consensus.I break down political barriers and special interests to unite stakeholders from the food, agriculture, government, academic and health sectors under a shared vision and voice.


  • A Clear Plan for Action.In my urgent call to action, Why Food for Health Matters Now- A Call for the Biden-Harris Administration to End Childhood Hunger in America, I outline a clear roadmap for ending childhood hunger and addressing food insecurity, obesity, malnutrition and chronic disease in the U.S.

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I’ve built my career lending my leadership and strategic guidance to organizations across the food and healthcare sectors. I consider my best and most important work to be my roles advocating for systemic changes in the global food regulatory and legislative frameworks: developing international standards for the introduction and communication of healthier food products, spearheading an industry-wide health and wellness movement and developing global awareness around food allergens.

Experience and Career Highlights

  • Experienced senior executive and strategy consultant in the food and consumer packaged goods industry and not-for-profit nutrition and health sector.
  • Trusted partner and advisor to CEO’s, Senior Government (Elected and Public Service) within Canada, with U.S. and International exposure.
  • Success in bringing brands and creative marketing approaches to market in a highly restricted regulatory market which required developing support from health professions, not-for-profit organizations and health agencies.
  • Extensive leadership in developing sound public policy initiatives in the agri-food regulatory sector for Canada and internationally.
  • Successfully facilitate, develop and implement innovative strategic planning solutions in challenging environments involving multilateral organizations.
  • Shaped key policy decisions with senior government officials in Canada and the US, food company CEOs, health organizations and NGOs.
  • National spokesperson for the national food industry for over a decade

Memberships and Appointments

Member, American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Member, Board Director, State Policy Rep and Finance Committee, Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Member, Board Chair, Honorary Patron and Fellow, Dietitians of Canada

Member, Board Chair, Finance Chair and Honorary Patron, Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research

Diversity-50 Canada’s Corporate Board-Ready Candidate, Canadian Board Diversity Council

You could say I know a thing or two about food, nutrition, health and future trends and issues. I understand each stakeholder’s perspective and I am uniquely positioned to be able to help you understand what to do next.

Want to work together to improve nutrition and health for all Americans?

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