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How Big Food Will End Hunger and Can Save the Planet

I have known Laurie for over 30 years. I’ve observed her dedication to the food industry all that time. More recently, in her book’s production, she demonstrates her passion for the role of food in health, and more importantly, she challenges all of us to work differently.


Agriculture and food have been my entire career. In 2004, I was invited to sit as chairman of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute, which focused on the future of agri-food in Canada. In late 2011, we produced a study called Destination which called for a fundamental behavior shift in how we collaborate, work, and set policy.


Laurie is inviting us to think purposefully and strategically across the entire agri-food value chain for the benefit of consumers. The pandemic has impacted all of us and rattled the supply chain. Recent geopolitical events have also affected the production and cost of food, further disrupting the supply chain, and increasing world hunger.


Laurie is asking us to work differently. We need not only to read the book but also implement the principles it contains. 


— Gaëtan Lussier | former deputy minister, Agriculture Canada, and President and CEO of Culinar and Weston Bakeries

Each of us senses the changes taking place in our lives, our communities, and the planet’s health and wants to make a difference. Yet, we don’t know how we’ve evolved to this fateful point nor whether the highly promoted ethical, social, and sustainable initiatives of far too many businesses are simply corporate fads or legitimate tools to redefine a purpose-driven future.

Laurie’s book provides thoughtful insights that will resonate with readers, given her credentials as a respected registered dietitian and food industry leader, mother, and consumer. Her words generate the confidence we each need to make the changes we each know and want to make in our lives, businesses, and communities.

— Karil Kochenderfer | Principal, Linkages

Laurie Curry Copithorne has a bold new approach in How Big Food Will End Hunger and Can Save the Planet by aiming squarely at solutions rather than placing blame. She understands how the food industry can elevate its sustainable business models and has designed a roadmap for industry players to achieve profit through purpose.


—Julie Meyer | Co-founder & CEO, Eat Well Global

We long since passed the “tipping point” on world hunger. In 1987, when I learned more than 40,000 children per day were dying of starvation, I was horrified. Because, even then, the world HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH FOOD!


Laurie has always “made” the leading edge. She has always been able to work with many diverse stakeholders to change things for the better or find ways to cross the “great divide.” Her credentials tell a big part of the tale; but her ethic set, her moral compass, her tenacity, her ability, and most certainly her track record tell the rest.


Enlightened CEOs and Boards (the only levels in large organizations that CAN take such decisions) can have their organizations change the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Some already have. Some are part way there.


“Little food” (chefs, neighbors, shelter leaders, health practitioners, poverty organizations, not for profits, and individuals) the world over have effected gigantic change on this tragic fact of hunger and food insecurity. It has been inspiring to see the thousands of stories over the years about how, as an example, a guy found a burned-out parking lot, in an economically devastated part of the U.S., and with volunteers and no money, changed the lives of the neighborhood, the children, and their future by making food gardens. So, so, much is being done.


But, as in all things gargantuan, the Big piece that can change the story that will be told generations from now is Big Industry, in this case, Big Food.


Laurie’s vision, mission, methodology, and strategic insight do what has been missing thus far; a roadmap that inspires meaningful change. This makes it so much easier for Big Food to say, “Why Not” instead of “Why?”.

— Susanne Chir-Stimpson |Founder and President, Strategic Solutions

This book is an essential read for all food industry professionals. It invites us to rethink at the deepest level the challenges and opportunities currently facing our food system and presents us with a compelling roadmap for change. Now is the time for us to redefine food and reconnect to our purpose. Thanks to Laurie, the pathway is clear, the only question now is which companies will lead the way? Highly recommended!


— Jayne Warrilow | CEO & Founder of Sacred Changemakers

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