AbOUT Laurie

Speaker | Author | Consultant | Health Professional| Philanthropist



My purpose in life is to inspire food and nutrition leaders to co-create a world where there is enough healthy food for all. It’s when all agri-food and health systems players shift our way of thinking that we can transform the world’s food system. 



I have over 30 years of food and health professional experience, and have tackled some of the industry’s most challenging issues. It’s been a privilege to lead movements that have improved the lives and health of consumers. I help food industry leaders align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to end hunger, improve human health, and the preserve the planet. 2020 to 2030 is the UN Decade of Action — let’s make the change needed for a healthier world.


Audiences say that when Laurie takes the stage, her energy and passion ignite the room. She sparks everyone to think differently about the impact consumers and industry leaders have on making healthy, planet-friendly food a reality.


The conversation has shifted from WHY to HOW, and Laurie motivates industry leaders to achieve profit through purpose.

Strategy consultant

Connect with me if you’re looking to shift your food company into a purpose-driven leader in the industry. I will work 1-on-1 with your company to unlock innovative strategies and roadmaps.


Gain powerful insights on how your company can help end hunger and save the planet. How Big Food Will End Hunger and Can Save the Planet provides strategic frameworks and roadmaps to set the targets the world needs